Enter The Sporeverse

A band of inter-dimensional mercenaries led by Sporey (a Mushie from the dimension of Mushies), ship pilot Marj-X, sharpshooter  Toadget, swordsman Talons, weapons specialist Bombardo, and medic Nursa.must battle beings of their native dimensions strucken by Darcdox an ailment caused by a Darcduxus Storm an intertdimenisional psychic storm. The first Darcducxus Storm affclicts the Earhtly Dimension through a computer virus that allows Necrodemons and Necrosangels to enter from the Celeos Dimension. The Necrodemons begin to infest humans and when they get into the water supply they begin to sprout Darcddux Trees that start changing the environment.

On a church retreat, Nurse, an aspiring herbalist and daughter of a Priest takes mushrooms amidst a Darcduxus Storm. Upon taking the mushroom she is transported to the Mushie Dimension where she brings a Darduxus Storm. Sporey is able to save her and brings her to a safe haven. He informs Nurse that the Darcduxs Storm is a sign that the veil between dimensions has been weakened that is why she has been transported to the Mushin Dimension. Afraid that the Darcdox will expand throughout all he constructs a ship and travels throughout the 5 knowable dimensions gathering a team of specialists and mercenaries who must travel to the 2 unknowable dimensions (Celeos, and Omnix) and battle forces of evil throughout their journey. 


Spore Phase – NFT sale, community building

Mycelia Phase – NFT comic book whitelist

Primoria Phase – NFT comic book released, airdrops sent out

Fruiting Body Phase – 2nd NFT pre-sale, Sporey mixer

Colony Phase – 2nd NFT drop, Sporey game development

Harvest Phase – Game Onboarding


Mike – CEO of Sporebaby
Kalen – filmmaker and founder of NFTV 1